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4/8/2020 Update

Food & Beverage Safety Protocols & Precautions

As always, our culinary team practices proper sanitation and cleanliness techniques. Team members are provided with ample gloves and are trained on proper hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. We have increased hand washing and hygiene practices. Team members are maintaining 6’ social distancing from customers and one another. Curbside deliveries will be placed directly in members back seats. No-touch disposal receptacles have been provided for use by employees. Our kitchen surfaces and utensils are frequently sanitized, and the products received are delivered by reputable suppliers. Staff are required to wear a bandana to work daily in place of a face mask.

We have been monitoring team members health and needs. If anyone has reported feeling ill in any way, they are being asked to stay home. If anyone feels uncomfortable working right now, we are respecting their concerns and they are being allowed to work from home.

The F&B team at MBCC are taking extra precautions and adhering to the highest standard of food handling safety. Know that we are thinking of you, our members, during this time. Your needs and comfort are very important to us. We are here to serve you and your food and beverage needs.

Letter from the President

Dear Members,

I hope this communication finds you well. By now, everyone is all too familiar with the disruption caused by COVID-19 and the impact it has on our everyday lives. These uncertain times have affected all of us and our Club. I want to thank you for your patience as we navigate this unprecedented time together. The purpose of this communication is to update you on how the Club has responded to the COVID-19 challenges these past few weeks and let you know we are as anxious as you are to re-open.

Our first priority as a Club is to protect the health of our members and staff. To that end, we are working within the context of the Governor’s Shelter In Place order and doing what we can to serve our membership and prepare the Club for opening. One way that we can continue to serve our membership is through Curbside Dining which, you may have noticed, now includes wine and alcohol. Our culinary team is expanding food options which will soon include our popular Friday Fish Fry. Our dedicated staff is at your service. If there is something special you need, please reach out to Steven Hahn ( who has been making every effort to accommodate member requests. We are happy to see members taking advantage of these services and hope that you will enjoy the new offerings coming your way.

Also within the context of protecting staff and consistent with the Governor’s order, we are ensuring that the Club’s physical facilities (including the pool and golf course) are maintained properly and the renovation project remains on schedule. Due to the renovation, the Club was already operating with minimum staffing when Governor Evers’ order took effect and as a result, we have not yet been forced to lay off or furlough any employees. I am proud and inspired by the dedication and ingenuity I’ve seen from our Club leaders who have accepted the challenges facing their departments and will be ready to open once the state social distancing measures are lifted.

Both the Board of Directors and staff continue to monitor the situation closely and will maintain open communication with members. For the foreseeable future, we are managing both staffing levels and club finances as conservatively as possible. On behalf of the Board of Directors and our valued MBCC employees I want to say that we sincerely appreciate your patience and continued support during this difficult time. We are hopeful that we will all be reunited soon at MBCC. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, the board, or staff if you have questions or concerns.

Stay safe,
Jennifer Hussin
MBCC Club President

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