Pool Hours & Information

  • Opening Day: Fri., May 25, 2018 - Closing Day: Mon., Sept. 3, 2018
  • The pool is open 12am-9pm, Mon.-Fri. & 10am-9pm, Sat. & Sun.
  • Village swim is Sunday from 10am-1pm and Tuesday from 6pm-9pm.
  • In August, pool hours will be 12pm-8pm, depending on sunset/visibility.
  • The pool is closed on evenings when we host swim & dive meets and Saturday mornings when we host swim meets.
  • To guarantee you’re able to use the pool, please call ahead.

Pool Hours
Monday-Friday, 12pm-sundown
Saturday-Sunday, 10am-sundown

Monday-Friday Pool Schedule

  • Lap Swim, Monday, May 28-June 8: Mon, Wed, Fri 6am-8am*
    Beginning June 11: Mon, Wed, Fri 6am-7am*
  • Swim Team: 6:50-10am*
  • Swim Lessons: Mon-Thu, Sesson III: July 30-August 9
    Lesson I - 10-10:25
    Lesson II - 10:30-10:55
    Lesson III - 11:00-11:25
    Lesson IV - 11:30-11:55
  • Water Aerobics: Mon-Thu, 4-5pm*

*Pool is closed except for activities listed.



Pool Contact

Greta Petersen

Pool Manager & Head Swim Coach